Friday, 12 December 2014

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Syria detainees endure `nightmare` underworld

' "Nothing, no amount of reading or listening to other people`s stories could have prepared me for the horror of detention," adds Samaan, who now lives in Beirut.
Speaking quietly as he pulls on a cigarette, Samaan says he was jailed twice for activism against Assad`s regime, enduring physical and psychological torture on both occasions. 
An interrogator at one of Damascus`s feared security branches told him: "We torture people because we are sadists. We enjoy torturing people."
"He electrocuted me and told me to write down everything I knew. He tried all he could to break me. I have never been so terrified in all my life," the brown-haired Samaan says.Masri, 36, says he also endured psychological torture.
"They would insult my wife, and they would tell me they would go to the house and rape her," he recalls.'

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