Saturday, 26 January 2013


'Finally I have mastered the math: Palestine is oppressed, Syria is oppressed, Hezbollah fights “for Palestine” but does not fight for Syria, therefore Hezbollah has no integrity.
I could easily write off the revolution in Bahrain because it receives a nod of approval from Iran just like many write off the revolution of Syria because it gets a nod of approval from the US. But I won’t because I know the Shias of Bahrain are truly oppressed. I will stand with them until oppression no longer exists, even if many of them don’t feel the same about the beloved revolution of Syria.'
In Part 1, “Lower your voice, we love our president, everybody makes mistakes. If you speak bad about him they will take you away.”

Bleeding from a triple haemorrhage

“The West cannot mute its rhetoric, but it has stayed its hand for a full-fledged intervention. Russian intransigence has been a gift to Washington, with the latter taking cover behind the U.N. Security Council veto while it continues to offer its stale rhetoric of regime change. A fragile hope rests on the revitalisation of Arab nationalism as a cord that binds the people across the widening sectarian divides. But in the dungeons of the Ba’ath, Syrian nationalism was asphyxiated.”

Friday, 25 January 2013

"Kafranbel heroes, Pink Floyd fans, absolute brilliance!"

You raise the blade, you make the change 
You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane #
Ahmad El Khalaf, 22, from north London is already in Syria.

Ahmad El Khalaf - Save Syria !
"If his words were bullets, Ahmad El-Khalaf would have already brought down President Bashar al-Assad to end the bloodshed tearing apart his family's homeland of Syria."

#This is the Syrian revolution, still continuing #

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

regime policy in aleppo

The Revolution Armed Itself

Robin Yassin-Kassab

"There are no easy answers to the country’s enormous problems, but there is an obvious first step toward a solution: funding the moderate Islamists and secularists of the Syrian National Coalition, which will then feed the hungry and fund the fighters, empowering them to buy the weapons they need."

An Appeal From A Helpless Syrian: Rape & Abuse Of Syrian Females

"Those accounts, though ghastly gruesome, barely depict the entire reality of what happens to females in Syria. Discussing rape, abuse, and what have you of violations done to them is considered a taboo in Syrian societies."
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The Battle for Latakia Part One

“The regime is getting poor,” he says. “They no longer have power on the ground, they’ve been forced out, so they need to use rockets and TNT.”

Azmi Bishara on Foreign Intervention, Real and Imagined 

"The Syrian people’s victory is being forged in the midst of international inaction, and with the support of only Arab countries (to be exact, only one or two of them). Even that support barely covers the minimum needed to maintain their resistance, even so far as relief for a crisis-ridden people goes. All this will be remembered, however, once the tide turns and the countries of the world begin to line up to fill their pockets with the gains won by the national struggle."

Too gory to comfortably re-post, the next post of the Revolting Syrian.-------"YOU LOOK AT YOUR WINDOW AND WHAT DO YOU SEE? THREE TANKS HEADING DIRECTLY AT YOU AND FIRING. Damascus (Daraya): Jan 22, 2013 - This is not a dream and it’s not a nightmare. This is the reality of life in Syria."-------- A couple later this,-------- 'A sign from Salamiye, Hama (Syria): 
“To all of those who fear the alternative to regime, what we are seeing is the alternative to it falling.” ' --------The most recent has pictures to go with this,--------"As stated over and over and over again … in the suburbs of Damascus, it’s not a question of if you will die, but only a question of when you will die. The ‘lucky’ ones will be killed by horrific airstrikes and be crushed to death under tons of concrete in their own homes. The ‘less fortunate’ ones will see Assad’s forces burst into their homes and have their throats slit and watch their loved ones be bludgeoned to death with clubs and axes, they will watch their babies being held by Assad’s forces from their feet and swung against a wall so that their little skulls are crushed.
This is not an exaggeration. This is reality in Syria. This is every single day."

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Rebels in northern Syria pin hopes on airbase's downfall

"It has taken less than a year for Syria's rebels to go from being hunted in their homes to now encircling and attacking some of the largest military bases in the country."

Defying Common View, Some Syrian Kurds Fight Assad

'His resistance began with peaceful demonstrations, he said. When the government answered with force, his tactics changed. “It was only after they showed that they would kill us that we became armed,” he said.'

Until next Summer

"We Syrians will never get used to death, we are gripping into life, strongly, so Qamar can wear her red summer dress and so our FSA guys few meters away can go back to their wives, lovers, universities and jobs."
FSA fighter standing next to his daughter.

Once Upon a Time, Freedom

"FSA fighter standing next to his daughter. See? They're humans like us. Syrians fighting for a better future."
How Syrians feel about the United Nations …
It was reported that the UN is giving the Assad regime more than $500mn for ‘Humanitarian Assistance’.
You read correctly. If I need to explain more then you obviously need to enlighten yourself on what’s happening in Syria
Thanks @DarthNader

How Syrians feel about the United Nations …

"It was reported that the UN is giving the Assad regime more than $500m for ‘Humanitarian Assistance’.
You read correctly. If I need to explain more then you obviously need to enlighten yourself on what’s happening in Syria."

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Syria and the risk of Somalisation

'The general pro-Assad slogan, "Assad or we burn the country”, that thugs in al-Assad’s forces have spray painted on walls of the cities that they have stormed, is an indication of the spirit of savagery and a bloodthirsty instinct within the regime that otherwise exists only in those that have lost their minds.
The regime and its allies in Iran and Lebanon have adopted particular tactics designed to spread chaos and prevent the opposition from achieving a peaceful transition of power to enjoy a stable Syria after the fall of the regime.
The Syrian regime has released more than 60,000 prisoners who have been convicted of unlawful killing, theft and murder, this can only be to make people regret having started an uprising and wish for the old days of peace and safety.'
“We have heard the call of the people of Idlib, oppressed by the regime and now we are responding.”[]

Syrian refugees gunned down by Assad's forces at Jordanian border []

Syrian town takes strife in stride

"As long as they support Assad verbally and not militarily, they are welcome here," he said about those siding with the regime. "Most of the Alawite families remained in the town because nobody disturbed them."

Teaching Quran to escape Syria torture horror

Unable to witness horrific abuses, intelligence officer flees to hometown to teach Islam to children instead.

'He said the tipping point for him was when he saw an imam being tortured in front of his eyes. "They stepped on his beard," he said. "They humiliated him and continued to insult him and his religion." '

Monday, 21 January 2013

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Power outage hits Damascus, south Syria

"The problem could be that the government doesn't have the fuel and is suffering from an economic crisis," he said. "But it's easier to blame it on the rebels."

Sunday, 20 January 2013

How “A Plague on Both Your Houses”

Aids Counter-Revolution in Syria

"Now, anyone who knows anything about the FSA knows it’s not a terribly well-organized group."
Bread queue

Bread queues lengthen in Damascus

Lyse Doucet seems to report without context. The government in Damascus has been shelling bakeries in rebel-held areas. Syria needs aid, it also needs change so that Syrians can control their own destiny.
Image result for Syrians decimate forests to survive winter

Syrians decimate forests to survive winter

"I stole in order to eat. If you do not begin as a child, learning to steal is not easy; I stole everything except the bread of my companions."
- Primo Levi.