Saturday, 28 July 2012

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A vacuum looms

"Governments in the West and in the Middle East fear the prospect of a power vacuum if Mr Assad were to go soon. "

Sunday, 22 July 2012

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RT interviews controversial UK MP George Galloway

"Kurdish people, for example, are terrified of the victory of a jihadist extremist Islamic victory."
Galloway reverts somewhat back to his old ways ('the era of dictatorship is over', but 'there is a massive international conspiracy against Syria' rather than 'Assad must go'), and picks up a André Gorz* memorial prize along the way. He talks about Syria from 6m30s.…/posts/cC59gWn5LaF
*"Gorz was a kind of Cassandra of the left: in the 1968 Socialist Register he published a piece telling us that the great era of revolutions was over. Just a few months later he was ridiculed as May 68 unfolded." Cf. Simon Assaf: Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt: "Regime losing control of all Kurdish areas of Syria. Coalition including also PKK taking over. New drama starting to unfold."