Friday, 8 March 2013

A woman participates in a demonstration in support of the Syrian people on July 7, 2012, in front of the Pantheon in Paris.

Syria's women: Fighting a war on two fronts

"I was with the revolution from the start, the revolution is one line, it's not Islamist, it's for all Syrians, and Syrians are from all sects. At the end, the revolution's original ideals are going to endure because we are here, those that started it will be there at the end," she adds. "If something happens and this changes it means it's our fault because we gave up."

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A group of Syrian men mourn the loss of a loved one

Prospects for Syria's revolution

'On the other side is a traitorous and opportunistic left, part of which takes a centrist position between the dictatorships and the rebellious masses and another part of which openly and brazenly stands with the dictatorships against the popular revolutions.
The pretexts to justify this betrayal of the popular revolutionary cause are many, but all equally bankrupt. There is the tired excuse of "anti-imperialism," as if Russia and the United States are not both imperialist countries. And there is the excuse of the "Islamist danger," as if the revolutionary processes are mere fruit that should ripen according to our whims and mechanically fall into the hands of the left--otherwise, they are not revolutions.'
A boy eats bread as others wait in front of a bakery shop during winter in Al Qusayr

SYRIA WITNESS: Running the

“If we were able to form this council amid all these hellish conditions, there is a very good chance that there will be better days ahead once this regime is no more.”

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Syria conflict: Refugees

number a million, says UN

It wasn't so long ago that apologists for Assad were pointing to the Alawis who'd got out of the country as the real refugee crisis, whereas the truth is that the government supporters who have left have travelled comfortably with money and passports, while those shelled by Assad's forces are the ones struggling and dying.
And still I hear the BBC News tell me that the problem is how to stop weapons getting in the hands of extremists.


Douglas Alexander telling the House of Commons now that the arms embargo against the Syrian opposition shouldn't be lifted, but the Russians should be prevailed upon not to sell arms to the régime. The problem is that there might be some unsavoury types who end up with weapons.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The last thing Syrians need is more arms going to either side

Unrest in Damascus

 "Rather than the combatants' benefactors, 24 million Syrians are victims of the escalating arms deliveries to all sides."

 It is a slander on the Syrian revolutionaries for Charles Glass to compare them with a government that is firing Scud missiles at its own citizens.

 Forming a Non-intervention Committee was a way in the 30s to make sure that the Spanish Republicans didn't get the arms they needed to defend themselves against the fascists.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The message is the same all across the country: “Syria is a Civil State for All Syrians”

 “Syria is a Civil State for All Syrians”

"The message is the same all across the country."
Protesters in Kafr Nabl have become famous in Syria for their posters criticizing the government. Here they pose for a photo that will instantly be posted on Facebook, in front of a building that was shelled by government forces.

'Conscience' of Syrian Revolution

Faces Challenge from Islamists

"Islamists from Jabhat al Nusra stage their own protest in the town. Until recently, the group has been reluctant to appear in public."