Thursday, 13 December 2012

Syria: The Horror Of Homs, A City At War

2012 Rory Peck Awards: Courage in journalism
12 December 2012
The winner of the news award, with Horror in Homs, was the French photojournalist Mani. His street fighting and sniper alley elements are stunning, but he wanted a different emphasis. 
“I liked the way it was edited because they [C4 News] haven’t shown only the bang-bang. The story was really about the civilians suffering cruel suppression,” he said. “On my first visit, Homs was already the hot bed of the uprising and the regime was unable to crush them easily. When I went back (in January/February) the situation was dire – more militias, more sectarian violence, more snipers, but the Free Syrian Army was taking control on the ground.”

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