Saturday, 23 September 2017

Nobody did anything against the régime and Russia

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 Khaled Khateeb:

 "The bombing hasn't stopped yet. A lot of people will be killed. A lot of houses will be destroyed, and construction will be destroyed. How can we let the refugees back to Syria, if there is no chance for them to live in peace in Syria?

 I feel really disappointed for the international community, because nobody did anything against the régime and Russia until now. Right now there are a lot of people bombing, and Assad is still president.

 A lot of Syrians pay to leave Syria. Most of them have lost some of their family. Who can live in Syria? Right now, more than 500.000 people have been killed. They have to do something against the bombing, and they have to protect the civilians, because it's the role of the international community to protect the people.

 I was a high school student, but when the bombing started in 2011, I felt I had to do something to document what was going on, to document the massacres, and that's why I joined - as a photographer - the White Helmets. It's very important to share this story, even if it's scary and dangerous, but there is an important mission and message; to let all the people watch what we watch in Syria. What we see. That is why a lot of Syrians have become photographers and cameramen, because we want to be documenting what is going on.

 And that's why we have made this movie [The White Helmets]. Not for attending festivals or to win the Oscar, we have to reach it for the people around the world."

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