Friday, 21 July 2017

Idlib is Green

Robin Yassin-Kassab:

'The people of Saraqeb, Idlib, a couple of days after holding a free election for their local council, push HTS (ex-Fateh al-Sham, ex-Nusra, ex-alQaida), out of town. Idlib is Green.'

 Raed Fares:

 'So she lured me this picture and I couldn't resist the magic to spread it.

 I tried to grow her up repeatedly to keep track of the cars, how they felt and what they were thinking.
 Strangers even though they're from the city, but they're strangers, strangers to their religion, their parents and their childhood dreams.
 Strangers from the garden of their grandfather, strangers from their past, their present and their future, strangers from life after they painted the lines of their west.
 Who are you to judge a gun? Who are you to stop a frenzy that has erupted in their chests seven years ago?
 Who are you? And how did you come? And who sent you?
 Leave and take with you my fear of you and take with you the idea that we are ad, and to learn very well that who broke the barrier of oppression and fear in 2011.'

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