Thursday, 14 January 2016

Important info about the starvation in Moadamiyah

Translation by Amaney Neihoum

 Damascus suburbs #moadamiya_levant the media office 13-01-2016

  Daily summary of happenings in the city

 "Since morning hours the city has witnessed barrel bomb attacks targeting the city's southern frontline and similarly attacks from Shilka trucks targeting residential areas which led to Assad's forces, fortified by heavy artillery and tanks, numerous attempts to advance and take over the frontline but all attempts were in vain due to the heroic
defence by the free army which led to causing losses whilst the Shilka vehicles continued to target residential areas until the late hours of this evening."

 #the_humanitarian situation:

 "Humanitarian disaster is about to befall 45000 civilians including children women the elderly for the 19th consecutive day.
 The Assad forces continue to flex their control by closing the only crossing to the city and denying entry or exit and by denying the entry any relief or humanitarian aid, worsening the humanitarian situation faced by residents. Most of those remaining in the city have not enough to feed their children.

 Whilst the humanitarian situation is worsening there are hundreds of cases of children and the elderly with chronic diseases due to malnutrition and its effects. Also the loss of urgently required medicines.

 Every day the siege continues the situation deteriorates further and today marked the death of Saeed Carbouge (15) a special needs child due to the reduced availability of required medicine and malnutrition and the Assad forces preventing his family from taking him elsewhere , raising the tally of martyrs of the siege up to today at 4: 3 children and a 25 yr old woman . All had deteriorated and the families were not allowed to take them outside the city to receive treatment.

 And due to the loss of the city's water and electricity and heating in these cold temperatures, the families have no means of protecting themselves nor their children from the bitter cold which has mercy for no one."


 "The medical staff in the city have announced a dire and catastrophic situation due to their loss of medically important and urgent medical supplies and equipment in the face of increasing numbers of elderly and pediatric patients and injuries from the attacks. Their medical situation is worsened by malnutrition and the cut off of specialized medical supplies for their recovery.

 Everyday dozens of cases visit the centre but with no chance of receiving treatment and so the siege is about to claim hundreds of children and elderly people by preventing them from leaving the city to get treatment due to the compounding of the hardship."

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