Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Civilians In Syrian Rebel-Controlled Idlib Pay For Freedom From Assad With Barrel Bombs, Al Qaeda


 "Since Sunday, JN fighters have kidnapped a priest and killed two Christians liquor vendor, according to the New York Times.
 But according to others, those incidents are isolated events and there has been no Sharia law imposed in Idlib. Women are dressing normally, Abu Yazidi said. “There’s been nothing like the rule that ISIS enforced.”
 Despite the rebel coalition’s promises of an inclusive government, residents are worried that hardliners might hijack their first chance at freedom after four years of civil war.
 “We will try to stop them,” Khder said. “We want a civil state and will not allow anyone to impose its laws on us.”
 Al-Homsi echoed that sentiment. “I am afraid for no one,” he said. “It’s the people’s revolution, we are one people. The Christians are our brothers.” "

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