Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Syrian regime’s crackdown pre-planned
"How can Syrians forget the famous statement from the presidential palace: “Assad remains, or the country will be torched!”  High-level Syrian officials had already decided to crush the revolution in the same manner as the Green revolution was crushed in Iran. 
Again, it became clear a month after the revolution began that the security forces’ warning, “We are ready to face the plot,” meaning to crush the revolution by any means, was contained in Assad’s statement.
Those who are calling for a political solution to the Syrian crisis are doing so now because the “crushing the revolution” project has failed miserably and they have no other alternative after tasting defeat. Whoever negotiates with Assad will be doing him a favour and giving him an opportunity to end this dilemma.
Let’s not forget that the Syrian regime and its allies wanted to crush the revolution from day one. They opted for a military solution and failed; why help them out now?"

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