Sunday, 22 February 2015

Suicide bomber kills four in Assad clan's hometown of Qardaha
The big lie of the last three years is that Western public opinion has been moulded by our governments to support an attack on the Assad régime.
As we can see with this Guardian story, the truth is the other way round. The headline is that four people have died in a suicide bombing, which we associate with Islamist terrorism, although two of the four dead are régime soldiers. The news that Assad has killed 48 people including 10 children for being related to rebels is relegated to a subheading. The news that the rebels have re-taken all the territory in the régimes abortive offensive around Aleppo is buried in the story, though with figures suggesting approximately similar casualties on both sides, rather than the video backed evidence* that 300, mostly Afghan and Iranian mercenaries were killed by the rebels and 100 captured in a significant victory.
Meanwhile over at the Independent**, Patrick Cockburn continues to spread confusion. He claims that the chief of staff of the Kurdish president is saying that the Gulf States are funding ISIS just as they were the opposition in Syria, but it's all Cockburn trying to blame the states when it could be private donors with no connection to the government that are being alleged, and it is Cockburn who is claiming that the other rebel groups have all been swallowed up by Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS. The Independent has a much more sensible piece by Heather Saul*** on how ISIS is shooting itself in the foot, rather than interviewing mates from the Iraqi parliament, she reports the words of an anti-ISIS and anti-Assad activist from Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently. Incidentally, ISIS have banned mobile phones. How is any sort of modern economy supposed to exist when there is no communication?
What is all over the news in the UK is that three girls have gone out to join ISIS. If it hadn't been for Assad's atrocities there would be no support for ISIS, if it hadn't been for the abandonment of the opposition to Assad.
There were also reports of another chemical attack, this time against Hayyan in Northern Aleppo, and pictures of Aleppo residents demonstrating their support for the rebels with a Free Syrian flag, but that's not news in the main media narrative.

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