Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Boatman

Russian military presence in Syria poses challenge to US-led intervention*
One might think it would also be a challenge to those who claim that a possible US promise of intervention is more significant than honest-to-goodness actual Russian intervention.
Maybe that ship has sailed. As might some Russian ones soon.
I don't wish I'd been a boatman. Boats are generally a bit confining, and I'm not that enthralled by swimming, still less not swimming.
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Foundation of the Dera’a section

of the Revolutionary Left Current

"The experience of the creation of a rank and file organizational structure which is the foundation of our current’s Dera’a section - an experience appropriate to be generalized to all the governorates of the Syria - is in practice the realization of an attempt to build a political party from the base to the summit, in contrast to the form that predominated during the construction of the traditional parties."

Searching for refuge in a land where there are no safe places

'Syria has become the land of topless minarets and headless little girls. It seems in every video there is always something missing, something broken, something that can never be mended.

 Our country is a landscape of urban and rural rape by the Assad dynasty. They leave the land, like the Mongols did before them, covered in smoke, rubble, and blood.

 The regime redefines barbarianism for the new millennium - cynically cloaking the country in false modernity for decades, funneling international resources for personal gain and glory, then bombing the country to pieces.'