Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fall from grace: Hezbollah in the eyes of Sunni Syrians
"From the outset of the Syrian revolution, Hezbollah gave the Assad regime propaganda backing, seeking to justify the murder of peaceful protesters. Hezbollah likes to talk about a foreign conspiracy, I say yes there is one but against the Syrian people – not against Assad, Hezbollah or Iran.
From the very beginning, the West and its supporters were involved to make sure that no credible Syrian Islamist power takes over from Assad. They may to talk to one group or fund another, but the end aim was never to topple Assad. The aim was that if Assad was eventually going to be overthrown in the uprising then no respectable Islamist group would replace him. They can live with Assad, with Hezbollah and Iran inside Syrian borders - but they can't have moderate Islamists becoming too strong."

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