Friday, 27 February 2015

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More Syrian Horror: Aiming at Doctors and Hospitals
To the Editor:
While we applaud your Feb. 21 front-page article about
 the complex and horrific war of images being fought in
 Syria on all sides
 (“Children, Caged for Effect, to Mimic Imagery of ISIS”),
 we are working with American humanitarian groups to
 raise awareness of another horror being committed in
 Syria by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad: the
 targeted killing of Syrian doctors and the targeted
 destruction of Syrian hospitals, preventing crucial
 medical aid to suffering Syrians.
We believe that these are war crimes and crimes against humanity under international law, and call on world
 leaders and the United Nations to use whatever means necessary to bring the immediate cessation of these
 outrageous acts. Civil society ignores these crimes at its
 own peril.
New York
The writers are, respectively, founder of the Multifaith
 Alliance for Syrian Refugees and director of
 international relations at the Orient Center for
 Documentation and Human Rights.

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