Friday, 27 February 2015

Syrian regime, allies lose decisive battles in Aleppo
"The opposition seemed defiant. Abu Bakr told Al-Monitor that in the town of Ratyan “de Mistura is no longer an honest negotiator,” in reference to de Mistura’s statement that Assad is part of the solution in Syria. He added, “The regime’s plan has failed, and it has lost 300 soldiers on the various Aleppo fronts in two days. … The land, on which we are standing now, will be a grave for anyone who tries to invade it.” During our tour in Ratyan, new reinforcements for the rebels were continually arriving, while the remaining men of the town took up arms to defend their homes against the regime forces and Hezbollah. A resident of the town said that what is happening is an Iranian attempt, in cooperation with Hezbollah and the regime, to occupy their lands. The civil defense forces discovered 34 civilians who were executed by the regime and foreign militias before their withdrawal from the town. This can only be explained as a sectarian massacre."

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