Saturday, 18 May 2013

We Shall Have Peace

"Peace in Syria is desirable, but not at any price. American miscalculations will further damage the Syrian opposition and give Assad the means to use negotiations to impose his will on his depleted rivals and remain in office. Neither Russia nor Iran will challenge this. And with a short-sighted, risk-averse, amoral administration in Washington, they know they can get their way."
Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade take part in a drill simulating urban warfare, close to the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria

Islamist fear drives Israel

to support Assad survival

" “Better the devil we know than the demons we can only imagine if Syria falls into chaos and the extremists from across the Arab world gain a foothold there,” one senior Israeli intelligence officer in the north of the country said."

Why Did Iran's Foreign Minister Visit Jordan?

More of the truth about the powers that want Assad to remain in place.
'The source confirmed that the king seemed keen during his meeting with Salehi to express his understanding of Ahmadinejad's message and its contents, especially since the fall of the Syrian regime would not serve his interests or those of the stability of Jordan. The source revealed that the Jordanian king directly charged Salehi, who was soon to depart Jordan for Syria, with a "friendly message to President Assad that also included his hopes that [Assad] … come to a more realistic vision." '

Friday, 17 May 2013

Rights groups say thousands have vanished into the Syrian regime's torture dungeons

'In Syria, the goal is to “terrorize the society and dry up the revolution,” said Anwar al-Bounni, a veteran defense lawyer and human rights campaigner in Damascus.'

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Structure and Organization

of the Syrian Opposition

A Syrian rebel raises his weapon while waving an Islamist flag during an anti-regime protest in the northern city of Aleppo on March 22, 2013.

Syria conflict: Why did my

Tunisian son join the rebels?

"Let's imagine that the British government decided to attack a county with scud missiles to stamp out a peaceful rebellion. Europeans would be watching entire families being slaughtered day in day out. What would the young do? They would flock in droves to England to protect the oppressed."
The reporting by Ahmed Maher is spun to the extreme to present those fighting in Syria with the rebels as evil sectarian jihadists. But to his credit, the truth shines through his spin.
Stop the War Coalition

Public Meeting: Syria - Stop

Western Military Intervention

[From the original link at Counterfire by Ady Cousins]

"On 9 May 2013 Stop the War delivered an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron to Downing Street, urging the government to end its interventionist policy."
Next week they will demand the government put an end to creeping communism, and the week after that they stop the takeover of the civil service by leprechauns.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Appeasing Assad

"Every Friday, the Syrian people make it known what they think of the so-called friends who talk about their concern but fail to deliver on their promises, whether it involves weapons or humanitarian assistance. People who are being assaulted by guns, tanks, planes and missiles – not to speak of imprisonment, torture and worse – are supposed to take heart when David Cameron talks about better night-vision goggles, while Barack Obama scratches his head about the use of chemical weapons."

Monday, 13 May 2013


Syria: Let the World Shut Up

"We have one thing to ask: whoever has something to do act now or forever hold their peace."
Arab dictators can no longer monopolize resistance

Arab dictators can no

longer monopolize resistance

"The Syrian people engaged in their own peaceful uprising against a regime that was far more brutal than Hosni Mubarak’s, and Bashar Al-Assad’s regime responded with overwhelming force. If Hezbollah was truly a "resistance" movement for the autonomy of Arabs, Muslims and oppressed peoples everywhere, it would have supported the Syrian uprising."
Ditto for those in the West who claim to support the opposition, but consider opposing any support for the rebels their prime political task.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Syria's army is not quite what
Israelis have been led to believe

"The regime also said to the Syrian people for years that the army is there to fight the Zionist enemy," he said. "But in reality, the military capabilities were neglected and they focused on making the army an organization of internal repression. Most of the units have very old and faulty equipment and those that did get relatively new tanks and armored cars are loyal Alawite units, which are responsible foremostly with protecting the regime."