Monday, 1 December 2014

Secret British role in halting Isil 'massacre' in Lebanon

Image result for telegraph Secret British role in halting Isil 'massacre' in Lebanon

 ZOMG, Britain intervenes on the side of Hezbollah.* Before anyone tells me ever again that arming the FSA is a problem because it is an intervention with results we know not, deal with the reality, everyone is intervening, only none of them on the side of saving the Syrian people from the ongoing catastrophe that is Assad remaining in power, and his victims driven into the arms of ISIS by the world allying with their enemies.

 *"But here in Ras Baalbek, at least, the encroaching conflict has forged a new, provisional unity. Even longtime critics of Hezbollah grudgingly welcome its presence as a bulwark between them and the Syrian and foreign Sunni militants in the highlands, although some blame Hezbollah for inflaming the threat."[…/clashes-on-syrian-border-split-leb…]

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