Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No Agreement Reached on Syrian No-Fly Zone

"Obstacles remain to the United States’ committing to what would be a significant increase in American military engagement in the area."
The different interests of the US administration from those of the Syrian people make it difficult to trust any intervention of the former that is claimed to benefit the latter, but the talk of 'obstacles' and 'significant increase' is very much the language of those who at best, are more afraid of Islamists coming to power in Syria than they care about the destruction wrought by Assad and ISIS. Announce a no-fly zone, and Assad's airforce, only good and bombing children and pensioners, would shit in their pants. There was a programme about Cybercrime the other day, where Ben Hammersley* said that when the Israelis bombed Syrian nuclear facilities a few years ago, they disabled the entire Syrian air defence system. They didn't seem to worry that that might put them in more direct conflict with Mr. Assad. As indeed they have stayed out of Syria, while their supposed enemy Hezbollah has murdered for Assad with abandon.
The Turks have their own reasons for wanting to help, but the disaster that the death agony of the Assad dynasty has wrought on them means they do want to help.

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