Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Qusai Zakarya

  "It was a true honor to meet and interview such a great man like Noam Chomsky.
Thanks to everybody whom made it happen."

The guy on the left is a survivor of Assad's genocide, of the sarin attack on the Damascus suburbs in August last year, and the siege and starvation of Moadamiya. Hopefully he will have been able to enlighten the guy on the right, who wrote a foreword for a book by Reese Ehrlich about Syria that peddled the fantasy that there is uncertainty about massacres that take place before our eyes. The claim that Obama was trying to justify a military attack on Syria, when even today** his officials are refusing any protection to Syrians against Assad, shows how much the denialist argument is designed to manufacture consent for oppression in Syria, and US complicity with it.
*"So what conclusions can we draw? Both sides quite possibly used Sarin. Both sides lied and manipulated evidence. At a minimum, the Obama administration exaggerated its case to justify a military attack on Syria. At worst, the White House fabricated intelligence. Bottom line: no one has yet presented convincing evidence of who perpetrated the horrific Al Ghouta attack."[…/01/really-used-chemical-weapons-sy…/]

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