Tuesday, 20 January 2015

U.S. Signals Shift on How to End Syrian Civil War
I've seen five leftists post their solidarity with the struggle of the Vietnamese forty years ago this morning. Funnily enough, they are almost all people who have dismissed the struggle of the Syrian people as a foreign plot, replacing the anti-communism of a previous generation with an ignorance about Muslims.
"The view that the United States supports Mr. Assad is spreading even among the groups receiving direct American financing, groups deemed moderate enough to receive arms and work with a United States-run operations center in Turkey. A fighter with Harakat Hazm, one such group, said Wednesday that America was “looking for loopholes to reach a political solution and keep al-Assad.”
Tarek Fares, a secular Syrian Army defector who long fought with the loose-knit nationalist groups known as the Free Syrian Army but who has lately quit fighting, joked bitterly about American policy one recent night in Antakya, Turkey. “This is how the Americans talk,” he said. “They say, ‘We have a red line, we will support you, we will arm you.’ They do nothing, and then after four years they tell you Assad is the best option.” "

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