Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, The killer mediates for the mass murderer

The killer mediates for the mass murderer"Just as the Egyptian president interfered in Libya and helped to form a militia loyal to him which he trains and provides with supplies and weapons, he now wants to intervene militarily in Syria in the same manner; he already supplies the mass murderer's army with Egyptian weapons. The Syrian rebels who seized Egyptian weapons have displayed them on television.
This is the dialogue that will be conducted by the killer under his sponsorship; it will be a dialogue of blood. Beware, for these militias will operate under the pretext of fighting terrorism, which is what Al-Assad's regime calls the rebels in Syria. He has been able to benefit from the terrorism fever and Islamophobia that has swept the world, utilising it to serve his purpose, especially after the air strikes launched by the international coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS) group in Syria and Iraq."

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