Sunday, 18 January 2015

“Our lack of weapons puts us in a position of weakness”
Questions to Lorca, Midou and Abu Layla [1], officers of the Popular Liberation Factions (FLP), a military structure created by the Current of the Revolutionary Left (CRL), a Syrian revolutionary Marxist organization.
I think their ultra-leftism doesn't help too. When they lump the Islamists fighting Assad together as reactionary forces, they are falling into the same sectarianism that had the German Communist Party of the 1930s see the "social-fascists" of the Social Democratic party as as bad as Hitler. That they can only get limited cooperation from even FSA battalions suggests their purity isolates itself. Which is a great pity, because if there is going to be anyone who defends the progressive principles of the revolution, it will be these people, and if they are busy blaming the Saudis as much as the Iranians for the mess Assad has created, they aren't going to have much traction with the millions whose lives have been devastated by the régime.

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