Monday, 19 January 2015

Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Efforts

Former National Security Council Director Rick Nelson talked about potential threats to the U.S. homeland. Topics included lessons learned from thr recent terrorist attack in Paris on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo; U.S. efforts to prepare against terrorist attacks; and U.S. strategy to fight ISIS* militants in Syria and Iraq.

 About fifty minutes through there's a press conference reply from president Obama, with the key bit in the Guardian*.
"Obama said the US had not been “standing on the sidelines” during the Syrian war. “It’s true that we did not invade Syria,” he said."
This is the same distortion the phony anti-imperialists perpetuate, that the alternative to doing nothing was to invade, when it was always about the failure to support the Free Syrian Army, starving them of weapons while Assad got them by the planeload from Moscow, plus planes from which to drop them. And President Obama talks here of "working with partners in the region," vagueing over that that means working with the iranians who are assisting in mass murder in Syria, rather than the FSA, who have been fighting Assad, Iran and ISIS.

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