Friday, 22 August 2014

"ZOMG OBAMA TRAINED ISIS!!!1!" sez @washingtonpost’s @smekhennet

'It’s a sad day in professional journalism when reputable corporate outlets ape ignorant conspiracy-mongering by twits like Mark Steel who claimed that the U.S. is bombing the same people it trained, but here we are.
"The Terrorists Fighting Us Now? We Just Finished Training Them" is the tantalizing headline of 's article in The Washington Post.
We can agree with this article’s subtitle, "the enemy of our enemy is not our friend" without resorting to sleight-of-hand tricks and deliberately confusing different revolutions in different countries and conflating all angry Muslims with beards and guns regardless of ideology, sect, group affiliation as one big potential Daesh.
This last point is especially insulting because it is predominantly Sunni Muslim fighters from the Free Syrian Army and Islamic Front who have been the vanguard of the war on Daesh, having lost 7,000 men in the fight since January 2014 after Syria’s civilian freedom fighters got fed up with torture, assassinations, and public executions by Daesh and launched a second revolution.'

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