Friday, 22 August 2014

A Syrian man carries a girl amid debris following a air strike by government forces in the northern city of Aleppo on 15 July

Syria death toll 'more than 191,000'The truth, but told in a simplified way, could mean that this is meant as a pretext for an American invasion, rather than Syrians getting the arms they need to stop it. There hasn't been paralysis, there has been massive foreign support for Assad, and a meaningless amount for those fighting him.
"The killers, destroyers and torturers in Syria have been empowered and emboldened by the international paralysis."
The false equivalence, the confusion of ISIS with the Syrian revolutionaries to make the latter inseparable from the régime that commits genocide against them.
"Both the Syrian government and Syrian rebel groups have been accused of war crimes by the UN."

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