Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (L) greets Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in Damascus in January 2013 (SANA/AFP)

Iran compromises in Iraq, but won’t in Syria

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are claimed to fund ISIS or "other extremist groups", when in fact they've been supporting, intermittently, the revolutionary forces fighting Assad. The fits in with the lie that the military struggle against Assad is a choice made by regional powers which has nothing to do with the original aims of the revolution, when it is the defence of that revolution against Assad's assaults that has created the Free Syrian Army, and the lack of support for the FSA that has seen power leech away to other groups. Now we see this come full circle, with the sectarian killers in Syria turning into the West's allies in the War on Terror. The Iranian forces in Syria are still attacking the Free Syrian Army and other anti-Assad brigades, they haven't had one engagement with ISIS. This is a recipé for a bad settlement in Iraq, and a continuation of the genocide in Syria.
"By contrast, far from making concessions in Syria, Khashoggi told NOW he believed the Iranians would in fact seek to exploit the ongoing jihadist atrocities in northern Iraq to reinforce their and Assad’s claims to have been battling a “terrorist” insurgency in Syria during the last three years, thereby gaining support from an international community increasingly alarmed by the rapid rise of Sunni jihadist groups such as the al-Qaeda offshoot, the Islamic State (IS).
“The Iranians and [Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah and others will probably be talking now about how they have been right all along, how Islamic extremists are the problem, not Bashar,” said Khashoggi.
“And I’m sure some will be asking the question: is it time for the Saudis and Iranians and Americans to cooperate together?”
Sure enough, in an op-ed Sunday, British Prime Minister David Cameron argued the “international community” should partner “even with Iran” in its political and military action against the “shared threat” posed by the IS."

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