Thursday, 7 January 2016

Assad Starving His Own People In Mountain Idyll

filmed by activist in town as appeal for help

 'When Syria rose against the violence authoritarianism of the Assad regime, the citizens of Madaya hid the award-winning writer and film maker Ramita Navai. As Assad's forces dragged activists away and hunted for opposition figures from house to house in the mountain paradise, Ms Navai was kept safe in the bosom of a town that fervently believed that the West would join them in their battle for democracy.

 "These people saved our lives while we were making a film*. They gave us a safe house and believed with all their hearts that the world would come to their aid," she said.

That was four years ago. The Syrian revolution was forsaken by the West back then. And its people are now dying over that misplaced faith.'

*[] See also her interview with Anderson Cooper. "The Syrian régime, which has been lying about an awful lot, and lying for months, say that these are all terrorists, say that these are armed groups." "Well that's rubbish. We didn't meet any terrorists, none of the protesters we met were armed. We saw thousands protesting, men, women, and children, These are ordinary people. So the guys that we were with in the safe house, two of them were college graduates."

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