Wednesday, 28 October 2015

'Wonderful' Windsor welcomes Syrian family fleeing war and devastation at home

Muftakher Al Hayik and his wife Lina Alnatour are joined by their children Shahed, Osama and Omar (left to right) as they speak about their journey from Syria to Windsor at their home in Windsor on Tuesday, October 27, 2015.

 'Al Hayik spent almost a month behind bars after he and other lawyers went on strike to protest the widely publicized torture killings of two young children at the hands of government agents. His boys, both university dental program students, spent a similar amount of time being tortured and interrogated after they joined protests sparked by politically active classmates being tossed to their death from university highrises by government thugs.
 But lawyer Al Hayik, 51, his wife Lina Alnatour and their seven children wouldn’t flee their homeland until later, after their homes, their wealth and their hopes had all but vanished.
 After government shelling damaged their villa in southern Syria, they moved to their city apartment in the capital Damascus, which, unfortunately, according to Al Hayik, was in a neighbourhood of 50,000 people targeted and destroyed by the forces of President Bashir al-Assad. They returned to their damaged villa but, by then, what had started as a peaceful “revolution” had morphed into civil war, with militias, radicals, foreign fighters and government troops locked in a battle of attrition with everyone else in their gunsights.'

 It is Assad who arrested and tortured them, it was Assad who flattened the 50,000 homes in their neighbourhood. So it seems to be false editorialising to say that everyone is shooting at them, to claim this is a civil war and not a revolution against Assad's genocide.

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