Thursday, 8 October 2015

Syrian Journalist Wins Award for Courageous Reporting Despite Dangers

Winner of the 2015 Anna Politkovskaya Award, Kholoud Waleed, journalist and editor of the Syrian underground newspaper ‘Enab Baladi.’ (Credit: Chloe Fairweather)

 ' "The Syrian media always conveyed the same, that there was no conflict, no demonstrations, no shelling, no bombardment, nothing. The message from the regime is 'the sun is shining, the birds are singing, nothing, nothing at all is happening in Syria. 
 If we stop, no history will be recorded, and only the loud voices will be heard - the voices of the most powerful, whether it's the regime or the extremists," she said. "If we stop, no one is going to hear the voice of the vulnerable."
 Elena Kudimova, sister of Politkovskaya and a member of the RAW in WAR nominations committee, said: "This brave woman ... is doing the same dangerous work as Anna did.
 The newspaper she runs is a rare source of truthful facts for the people in Syria, who are left either in an information vacuum or are subjected to heavy state propaganda." '

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