Sunday, 4 October 2015

Here's the new FSA statement to Russia and Iran

Leaders of Syria's Southern Front rebels released a statement Friday claiming Russia and Iran as legitimate targets and occupying forces in Syria. (AFP/File)

  ' "The al-Assad regime said the Russian and Iranian forces are “fighting terrorism”,
 while in fact they are only assisting the regime in its crimes against Syrians.

 Your masks had fallen and your true faces are revealed. Especially for those countries
 who pretended to be our friends and support the Syrian revolution. Therefore we
 consider Russian and Iranian forces and government as our enemies and preserve
 our right to fight them as occupying forces.

  We reject and refuse the dividing of Syrian land, and promise the Syrian people that
 we will do our best to restore our land in full. This is a goal that we will sacrifice our
 life for.

  The scene is now clear for all Syrians— our appeals to the Arab and Muslim world
 were in vain after their silence on the regime's crimes. But this has only increased
 our determination and energy. May God bring us back victorious."

  "Amid an international shift in favor of—or at least ambivalence toward— Syrian
 President Bashar al-Assad remaining in power, opposition groups and rebel factions
 have unified against the tide. Also on Saturday, the Syrian opposition's external
 political wing Syrian National Coalition (SNC) joined powerful Islamist factions
 and Western-backed rebel groups in Syria to sign a statement against a UN
 peacemaking framework drafted in July." '

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