Sunday, 20 September 2015

Student activists organize for a free Syria

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 ' "People were reacting to the migrants drowning, but they were't reacting to people getting killed on the ground. If you think about what people in Syria were initially fighting for, it was to have a say in their government."
 Students Organize for Syria (SOS), a national network for college students founded last year, has taken the refugee crisis as a call to arms to reinvigorate their campaign to raise awareness about the plight of Syrians and the need to assist them in their quest for a free Syria.
 This fall, SOS plans to partner with a program called Paper Airplanes, which lets college students tutor Syrians in English via Skype. The program aims to help Syrians pursue a secondary education in the U.S., Turkey, Europe and more.
 “People are now focusing on refugees and what to do with the refugees in terms of admitting them to different countries,” says Sarah Yazji, national outreach manager for SOS and a senior at Yale University. “But when you ask the refugees what they think, they want to be back in Syria. Their main concern is the threat that they’ve been feeling, especially from the regime, especially from the barrel bombs that have been falling on many civilian-populated areas.” '

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