Monday, 21 September 2015

Defectors: ISIS is killing Muslims, not protecting them

 'One of the most persistent criticisms was the extent to which the group is fighting against other Sunni rebels. According to the defectors, toppling the Assad regime didn't seem to be a priority, and little was done to help the (Sunni) Muslims who were targeted by it.
 Most of the group's attention, they said, was consumed by quarrels with other rebels and the leadership's obsession with "spies" and "traitors." This was not the kind of jihad they had come to Syria and Iraq to fight.'
 We get none of this from the BBC* version of the story, in which Assad and the rebels disappear, to be replaced by Western governments and Other Muslims.
Most defectors said they were concerned with brutality against fellow Muslims."
 From Paul Wood's video report:
 "To Western governments, they are kidnappers, murderers, terrorists...A fighter from Asia dismisses American airstrikes, 'A malicious crusaders' campaign, it's only increased our resolution.'...There are other defectors in hiding, here in Turkey, people disgusted with the killing and the cruelty of Islamic State rule. But the jihadis have their supporters too, and perhaps more of them, because of anger over American airstrikes...Opinion in the rebel-held areas remains deeply divided."
 You don't explain anything that way.

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