Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Dark Knight Patronizes:
Democracy vs. the Prime Directive

The standard view of those opposing help to the rebels in Syria, is that any intervention would be like the USS Enterprise carpet-bombing the planet with photon torpedoes. But why can't they provide the insurgents with the phase cannons they need? Because that would violate the Prime Directive. And the Klingons would just up their arms shipments, this is all a Federation plot aimed at the Romulan axis of resistance...

"Nolan’s Batman has a problem with democracy in general, as do the surviving Watchmen, Kirk, Picard, the United Federation of Planets, MIB, Col. Jessup, and Walter Lippmann. They don’t necessarily oppose voting or the electoral system or the trappings of democracy, which would be pretty difficult to overturn. But they like a system where the consent of the governed can be manufactured and steered by a few good men."

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