Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bombs away for regime change: do to Syria what we did to Libya says British army general

" 'I do not associate the military with wars and bloodshed in a narrow sense. I actually associate the military with doing good, with bringing down tyrants, with releasing people's ambitions for their children.'
Not a view shared by many in the countries which have experienced the wars."
You might think it is a little unfair to say that Lindsey German is dead set against the bringing down of tyrants, but when she has spent another article accusing someone of desiring a bloodthirsty march to all out war, when they are actually trying to spell out the details of how to limit an intervention (and personally I'd think it better they stay out, and just given weapons to the Syrians), she doesn't deserve too much fairness. Especially when again she talks throughout about how bad bringing down Assad would be.

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