Monday, 11 July 2016


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 Rami Jarrah:
 'In response to an almost total siege over the city of Aleppo, Rebel forces have launched offensives in numerous areas at the center of the city with the aim of gaining ground from Syrian regime forces in addition to pressure that will impose a decision by the Assad's forces to retreat from forcing a siege over the city.
 There are over 300,000 civilians living in Aleppo in the green areas indicated here alone and any siege, in time would mean literally the worst humanitarian crisis yet.
 Take a good look at this map, the areas above indicated in black are are those controlled by ISIS, and the areas indicated in red are Assad's forces. The same rebel groups (indicated in green) that drove ISIS out of Aleppo and Idlib in a matter of days are now paralyzed from continuing any offensive against ISIS because of the reality that can be seen on this map. Assad's forces are shielding ISIS and Russia's air power are operating as an air force for the terrorist group and as insane as this might sound to the ordinary spectator, is as logical as it is to someone who follows closely.
 Assad is making sure that his "public opponent" ISIS is not defeated until he has managed to destroy the legitimate opposition who want him out as much as they want to get rid of fundamentalist groups like ISIS. Assad will have no more excuses to bombard and terrorize civilians once ISIS is destroyed. This is why Assad fuels ISIS and encourages their continuation and this is what is meant when Syrians Assad supports terrorism.
 Assad's forces are now situated by the only way in and out of Aleppo (the Castillo Rd.) and are firing at anything that tries to cross. this is also indicated on the map.
 This is why these offensives have been launched and will amplify this last message: When these offensives on regime territory take their toll and we begin to hear complaining over why rebel groups are attacking regime areas from human rights groups and what not. If they genuinely don't understand; then we will try to educate, but if there is clear knowledge of this reality then we will assume that they are asking 300,000 people to accept that they don't deserve to live and that we should all now choose from two terrors when there is a clear third option which to us frankly is option number one: those calling for freedom (the guys in green).'

Rebels launch attack in Syria's Aleppo after government cuts road*

 'Early on Monday more than 300 shells fired by rebels hit western, government-held neighborhoods in Aleppo killing five people and wounding dozens more, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. State television said eight people had been killed and that the bombardments had brought down buildings.

 The assault was "a response to the (government) attempts to advance," Zakaria Malahifji of the Aleppo-based Fastaqim group told Reuters.

 He said insurgent fighters had already made gains, and that much of the fighting was taking place in Aleppo's historic Old City. A witness said there were fierce clashes at close range near the ancient citadel.'


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