Sunday, 31 July 2016

Syrians are left saving themselves

 Anna Nolan:
"These burning tyres are saving lives than billions of dollars spent on the 'war in syria' refuse to.
 300,000 people are under siege in Aleppo‬. Cut out from food and medicine and penned in on all sides Russian and Regime jets are dropping barrels bombs and missiles on trapped civilians.
 For years Syrian heroes like the White Helmets and medics have asked for a no-fly zone to stop these brutal attacks from the air. Their calls have been ignored.
 As a last resort they are now burning tyres to create smoke so the fighter jets cannot see the hospitals, schools and homes they like to target.
 Yet again Syrians are left saving themselves."

 Rami Jarrah  "Resistance groups in Aleppo have began a mass operation that has already gained significant territory from Assad's forces. Rebel groups claim that 1km of advance is left to break the siege of Aleppo. Blue area are those that resistance groups in besieged Aleppo (green) have taken from Assad's forces (red)." 

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