Monday, 4 July 2016

"Leave Syria"

 'A video went viral on social media shows hundreds of Iranian protesters in the city of Isfahan chanting against the intervention of the Iranian regime in Syria.

 The protesters demanded their country to leave Syria and direct its attention towards its own people, chanting: “Leave Syria and think of us!”

 According to the Saudi daily Okaz, these demonstrations were supposed to be part of the rallies that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps militia had planned in all the cities of Iran on the occasion of what they call the Jerusalem Day. However, the Iranians seized the opportunity of this government-permitted gathering to turn it into a demonstration against the intervention in Syria.

 On another note, there was a wave in media reports denying what Hassan Nasrallah had stated that Hezbollah receives all of its funding from Iran.

 Observers believe that the Iranians, who are suffering from unemployment and the difficult living conditions, feel that they are bearing the brunt of their regime’s efforts in keeping Assad in power, since Iran is recruiting hundreds of Iranian, Afghan and Iraqi and other militants to go to war in Syria, Iraq and other countries.'

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