Monday, 4 July 2016

Does she regret the revolution?

 From an interview with Bilal Abdul Kareem.

 Om Sulaiman:

 "I last saw my husband four and a half years ago, on 21st of April, 2012. On that day, the oppressive régime forces came, attacked the house, and took my husband to one of the security branches.

 Every time we asked about him, they used to say that he wasn't there.  We used to ask at the security branches, and in the régime's areas, they always said that he wasn't there.

 This is normal coming from the régime. They always assault the people and arrest them without any reason. And if you go to ask, they always say that he isn't there. They even prevent his family from seeing him.

 I have two kids. Actually I am having a big problem with my kids. My son always asks about his father, "Where is my father?" He even used to call his grandfather 'Dad' during the first period after his father was arrested. He thought his grandfather was his father, he didn't know his father. That was a problem for me. He always asked: "When will my father come? Why do kids have fathers but I don't? This affected me psychologically. I'm worn out because I don't know what to say to him. "When will my father come?" I know that this régime is oppressive, I don't know if there is hope that he might come back home. That situation puts too much pressure on me. I suffer a lot when my son asks, "Where is my father, when will he come back?" Unfortunately, I never had an answer for my son.

 I have hope because I believe in Allah. Alhamdulillah, I hope that Allah will free him. But I don't think the régime will do it, because they are infidels. They are torturing millions of Syrians in their prisons, who were taken from their houses; their families don't know anything about them, and their kids are waiting for them. But unfortunately, there is no hope with the régime.

 As for the revolution, I am glad that we got rid of an infidel régime, the oppressors and their oppression. But I am sad because of the situation of the country, the people killing innocent kids and orphans and the tortured captives in the prisons.

 I want to say to the people who are outside Syria, and don't know how much the Syrian people are suffering, that there is an infidel régime, oppression, kids are becoming orphans, women are becoming homeless, destruction of houses while people are still inside. There is great suffering, but it isn't reaching them outside. This régime is infidel, and killing people without any reasons. The people have suffered torture for four or five years. People have to support them, have mercy on the Syrian people, and understand that they are really oppressed.

 As for the women, just a small section of them are still with their husbands. A lot of them are the mothers of orphans, or is the wife of a captive or an injured husband. Sadness controls the hearts of the people, because of the oppression and destruction that are happening. So the people have forgotten that Eid is coming, because of the tragedy that we are living in. There is no Eid for a kid without his father."

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