Sunday, 5 June 2016

Football solidarity as Syrian refugees praise 'good treatment' in Scotland

 'Refugees living in North Lanarkshire were invited to play in the "cup of kindness" football tournament on Friday in Airdrie which saw mixed teams including ten Syrian refugees and staff from organisations involved in the resettlement programme compete in an integration event.

 Speaking through an interpreter, Syrian refugee, Mansour Zalaf, 49, said: "We were in Syria during the war. It was such a terrible life being under the torture and detention of the regime. We have been received very well. Very good treatment. Treated very well and we have felt very welcome."

 Also speaking through an interpreter, Syrian refugee, Chadii Amiri, 31, said: "There's a big difference from being in Syria. The first thing is the quietness and safety. The most important thing is the equal opportunities. There is no difference between wealthy and poorer men, so everyone is equal."

 A 23-year-old Syrian refugee, who did not wish to be named for fear of what might happen to his existing family in Syria under the Assad regime, spoke of his experiences arriving in Scotland.

"I am feeling sad as family still in Syria. I feel better here. All my friends here is very good. Every person if I need help will help me. Thank you so much to every person who has helped every Syrian person." '

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