Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

 The Russians have firebombed¹ suburbs of Aleppo with white phosphorus, and the last Free district of Homs that Assad hasn't razed to the ground with napalm². Not to be left out, Assad has dropped barrel bombs on Aleppo³. Where are the people who wanted to Stop the Bombing of Syria? Possibly watching the BBC's coverage, that has been so bad as to prompt a complaint from Syrians⁴.

 ISIS is losing ground rapidly though, I think they may have thought that anyone liberated by the Kurdish Maoist YPG (aka "the best fighters against ISIS") would be happier with ISIS, so ISIS kept on attacking the moderate and nonideological Free Syrian Army even as they lost ground to the YPG. That now seems to have turned round, the FSA have managed to reconnect Mare'a⁵ to the Azaz corridor, and the YPG has had to give back Sheikh Issa⁶, which it blackmailed the FSA in allowing it to take last week by threatening to allow all the civilians in Mare'a to be massacred by ISIS.


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