Sunday, 6 December 2015

Reclaiming the Syrian Decision

 'Because we are free; because we are responsible; because there are great challenges facing the Syrian people; because the international community is delaying any decision about the future of Assad and his criminal group; because the international community is ignoring the future of an entire nation and its right to life and freedom; and because our initial call was: “The Syrian people will not be humiliated”. We have to take the matters into our hands, defend our right to freedom, force our will on the international community, and put pressure on all Syrian organisations and political forces to work on meeting the demands of the Syrian people. We the undersigned, Call for and commit to: Refusing any initiative, and stoping any political meetings with regional and international forces, that don’t demand first on stopping all kinds of bombardment of civilians, hospitals and places of religion, and on stopping the policy of besiegement of entire cities and neighbourhoods. We call on the international community to take on its moral responsibilities towards the Syrian people.'

 "This petition is an open source and can be used by all stakeholders involved in the Syrian political and negotiation process"

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