Friday, 2 October 2015

Syrian National Council: ‘We have one condition - there is no future for Assad’

 'NG: We also consider that the reaction from other countries [US and European states] is a negative one. Those countries know for sure the Russians are helping the regime, and not attacking IS.
 MEE: What do you think of the approach between the states you named and Russia?
 NG: They knew that the Russian government had been sending weapons and equipment to the regime since the beginning of the revolution. And they were also aware that six or seven months ago, Russia started to send fighters and soldiers even if they deny it. We know for sure that in certain areas in Syria - like Latakia, Tartous, Damascus or Hama - there are Russian soldiers and fighters over there. Some of them are in the mountains of Latakia. Unfortunately, they didn’t listen to us when we complained during a meeting of ambassadors that Russians were putting their feet on the ground. At the time they didn’t say anything, there was a big silence in the room when we complained there are Russians soldiers.'

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