Friday, 16 October 2015

Russia is the newest Syria bully

 'Unfortunately, the SRD hospital is not the only hospital Russian jets have targeted. At the beginning of their campaign, Russian jets targeted three hospitals near the Turkish border including two hospitals that provided services to civilians and children.
 In this latest Russian assault on Aleppo, the collusion game between the Assad regime, and #ISIS has apparently widened to now include Russia. Without the assistance of both Russia and Assad, it is highly unlikely that Daesh (ISIS) would be able to seize five villages on the northern edge of Aleppo from Syrian rebels. The Syrian rebels have recently been empowered with new weapons from the Turkish – Saudi Arabia – Qatar coalition, backed by the US.

 In the starkest testimony of how ISIS is favored by the Assad regime, Shahba Press Agency, a Free Syrian News Agency, reported about a dissident Abu Uys Libyan who defected from Daesh with other dissidents. Nazeer Al-Khatib, Editor at Shahba Press Agency, said, “The interview of the Libyan defector exposed Daesh and its operations was a slap in the organization's (Daesh’s) face. He witnessed and exposed the game that ISIS is playing throughout the region.”

 Abu Uys Libyan said, “We were with ISIS for several months and were fortified only a hundred meters from the regime’s army. They (Daesh) did not make any move against Assad’s army and the regime did not make any move against them. Not a shot was fired on us.”

 Nazeer al-Khatib said, "Surrendering the free areas and surrounding areas to the regime is another spoof that the regime and ISIS are executing through their mutual agreement." Abu Libyan spoke of Daesh and the regime “seizing then dividing areas that are held by the Sunnis.” Nazeer said that the Libyan dissidents went to al-Nusra.'

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