Friday, 4 September 2015

Despair Surrounds Pro-regime Areas: Alawite Youth Screaming 'We Will Leave!'

Despair Surrounds Pro-regime Areas: Alawite Youth Screaming

It might be noted that they are facing death as part of Assad's collapsing army, not the direct attacks by the régime that have forced most to flee, and if they can keep their documents are more likely to be able to use safer emigration routes, rather than risk death in the Mediterranean. Still, it is still horrible to be part of a sect tied to mass murder, and it restores faith in humanity that they revolt against that.
 “We now live in a gigantic prison and our names are already on the death list at recruitment centers. Our families encourage us to leave before we turn into mere numbers on coffins that return to the coastal cities every day.”
 “People organized several sit-ins in Tartous to implore the regime to save their sons, after which they realized that the regime does not care about the lives of the soldiers. It is only natural that Alawite youths are looking for chances to survive. Against the odds that await them on the emigration routes, they have made their choice: do not get embroiled in the Syrian massacre.”

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