Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Syrians defying napalm bombs and sniper fire to build a library

 "Syrians in the rebel-held town of Darayya have faced sniper fire, napalm bombing and indiscriminate killing at the hands of the Assad regime.
 But among the destruction, one group of young men managed to create a place of sanctuary - a library.
 After residents of the besieged town fled, the students rescued books from their abandoned private libraries. In some cases, the buildings were still burning.
 Darayya, on the outskirts of Damascus, was a rallying point for protestors calling for an end to the Assad regime in 2011.
 When the conflict turned violent, Syrian rebels made the town a stronghold. But in 2012, the Syrian army entered the town and massacred hundreds of residents.
 After rebels regained the town, the Assad regime responded by besieging the residents using weapons banned by the UN."
It was after the 2012 massacre that Robert Fisk rode in with Assad's army, and claimed it was the FSA that had done it.

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