Thursday, 23 April 2015

Zahran Alloush is in Turkey: Where are Razan, Samira, Wael and Nazem?

Razan Zeitoune, Samira al-Khalil, Wael Hamadeh and Nazem Hammadi were kidnaaped in Douma on 9 December 2013. (image via

 "Turkey, which has shown more support to the various sections of the Syrian opposition and provided better options for Syrian refugees than all other countries in the world, must work to ensure the release of Samira, Razan, Wael and Nazem. The same applies to officials dealing with matters related to Syria in other countries that support the opposition, and officials within the opposition itself, some of whom have been living in Turkey for a long time. They must show Alloush and people like him that the kidnapping of defenseless civilians and activists with a long and unwavering history of standing up to Assad is a crime."

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