Sunday, 26 April 2015

Noam Chomsky: Media, NATO, ISIS

From 5m53s, Chomsky continues his complaint that the US is not backing Assad, and continues to praise Patrick Cockburn as well-informed, perhaps unaware of the latter's open adoption of the War on Terror.*
"Take a look at US policy towards ISIS. There are several forces in the region, that are really combatting ISIS. The main state is Iran, Iran is combatting ISIS. Is the US supporting Iran against ISIS? No, Iran is an enemy. We have to undermine it. On the ground, the main force opposing ISIS, say around Kobanê in Syria, is the PKK, the Turkish-based guerrilla group that's on the US terrorist list. The US is not supporting them. Of course it's not supporting the Assad régime that's also opposed to ISIS.
What's the policy for opposing ISIS? One of the main commentators on the region, one who's been most informed and accurate, Patrick Cockburn, calls it an 'Alice in Wonderland' policy. It's a policy that's meaningless, it's pieced together; somehow the Obama administration is trying to oppose ISIS, while opposing the forces that are opposed to ISIS. So who are the worthy and unworthy victims? You try and pick them out, it's whoever the US is opposing at the moment."
Basically he's repeating the same rubbish he came out with in an RT interview in December**, though with the US coming to a deal with Iran it is even more off-base. Clearly the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Assad régime are not worthy victims for Noam Chomsky.

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