Sunday, 8 February 2015

Raqqa City between FSA control and ISIS occupation
"The FSA took full control the city of Raqqa in early 2013 announcing the first liberation of a city center since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. 
Raqqa city lived a period of revolutionary prosperity and provided a wonderful model of revolutionary cultural manifestations which reflects the image of the future of Syria, the people of Raqqa lived this dream until the bats of ISIS came to rob their dreams and their future, kidnapping and killing, prosecuting and death threats against the media activists, and bombing the places of youth gatherings and fight FSA was not everything done by the organization, but ISIS also fought all the existing revolutionary factions until they dominated the whole city in early 2014, all activists and a lot of people began escaping and leaving the city, and ISIS has closed all youth gatherings in Raqqa which were ignored by the whole world.
Today, the people of Raqqa became strangers in their city, and they are standing on the thresholds of their occupied city in waiting for something in a someday, hoping that the situation will change and they will live the dream again."

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