Sunday, 15 February 2015

Many players in the Deraa campaignMore than ever, the Syrian revolution is a fight against foreign occupation.
"Estimates of the manpower available on the regime side, bolstered by Hezbollah fighters and Shiite paramilitaries from several countries, have run as high as 8,000. The observer said he thought 4,000 was a more reasonable number, but with only 800 Syrian troops among them."
This is a hopeful sign.
"Nusra is negotiating with rebel groups in a bid to make a dramatic break with Al-Qaeda and possibly move to the Islamic Front, an alliance of seven conservative militias. Nusra would likely accept such a move, the observer said, if its difficult conditions are met – such as being removed from the world’s terror lists – due to the extremely hostile international climate generated by the actions of its bitter rival ISIS."

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