Friday, 20 February 2015


Homo Homini human rights award given to a Syrian teacher that stood up to Bashar Assad's regime and the Islamic State
"The behavior of ISIS is exactly the same as the behavior of Assad – they also suppress all freedoms, and use arrests and kidnapping of activists and anyone elsewho disagree with them. When I came and stood there, holding up a sign in front of ISIS’ headquarters, for the first time I could see the fear in their eyes. They were terrified by the idea that a woman could come and stand before them and all their weapons, holding up only a sign and still not be afraid of them. They threatened me daily with those weapons."
I read this by Tony Greenstein* this morning, "Most supporters of the Palestinians and anti-imperialists support Syria against its Islamic opponents, Al Nusra and ISIS and oppose imperialist attempts to intervene in the civil war. " He hasn't got a clue what's going on in Syria.

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